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About Ann-Marie Stillion

Ann-Marie Stillion (b. 1950 Pasadena, California) meant coming of age during the sixties influenced by important west coast artists like Robert Irwin and James Turrell along with historic photographers Edward Weston, Imogene Cunningham and Georgia O’Keefe. She graduated with a BFA in comparative literature from Northern Arizona University in Arizona and studied art at the Academy of Art College, California College of Arts and Crafts, Laney College and others.

From 2005 to 2010, she created three photographic portfolios: Asian Guys Hair, Churn, and Eva Washington. These series are documentary in nature with Stillion’s stylized use of color and approach. AGH is a series of street studios set up in Chinatown; Churn came from interviews and sittings with tech sector workers; “Eva Washington: sweet are the uses of adversity,” is a project that combined photographs, film, and audio to examine and share the story of a 76-year-old woman living alone on the streets of Seattle.

Since 2013, the artist became interested in the human story as told by the body itself which began with her series The Female Gaze, a photographic edition and installation. During the pandemic, she expanded her art practice to include historic photo processes and is beginning to explore artist bookmaking as well as textual performance to express the personal and political nature and sources of her work. Her large-scale works and new surfaces began as way to go beyond the frame of traditional photographic presentation and practice. Stillion’s perceptual studies on varied surfaces reflect abstraction and realism at once.

Ann-Marie is represented by CORE Gallery in Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square District. She maintains a studio at Equinox Studios in Georgetown.

Ann Marie Stillion

Photo by Constance Brinkey