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“As an artist, I don’t believe we should ever limit ourselves. The world does that enough.

My photographs of nude men, for example, confront what our patriarchal society forbids. Each serves my search for imagery that reflects who we are regardless of gender definitions.

Many people identify me as a photographer but that is a starting point and I have in fact produced in diverse media from painting to clay. Exploration is the key and my studio is a laboratory for research.

Looking back to childhood, surreal scenes from the Los Angeles basin collide with the emptiness of the desert, still fueling my dreams and art after all this time. This emotional tension is visible and tangible. You can see it as the solitary figure or suggested in abstraction. I am much more interested in myths than facts.

The process of rendering whether on silk or paper or moving pictures gives me a constant awakening of meaning. You conceive an image but then how that goes into the world could be many different forms. Sifting and sorting to find new meanings is what pushes me forward.”

Sex in Space installation prototype

Prototype of Sex in Space installation

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